A Note from the RDC Executive Director

blog arrowPosted on: Jun 16, 2021


Research Data Canada has been facilitating the conversation around best practices in research data management for over many years, and for the past six years has been supported by CANARIE. As RDC transitions to NDRIO as part of the DRI Ecosystem Plan, it will continue to engage Canadian and international stakeholder communities. The announcement linked below highlights the new role I will be assuming with NDRIO as Director, International Relations, and that the transition of RDC from CANARIE to NDRIO will continue until March 2022, at which time the transition will be complete.

I will retain the role of Executive Director for RDC until March 2022, and will continue to work with all RDC stakeholders on the transition details in the coming months. CANARIE’s support for RDC since its creation has been critical to our success, and I look forward to continuing to work for all stakeholders with the NDRIO team. I can still be reached at my current email address (mark.leggott@rdc-drc.ca), but encourage use of my new address (mark.leggott@engagedri.ca) going forward.

NDRIO’s announcement:

As part of the Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) Strategy, CANARIE will be transitioning support of Research Data Canada (RDC) to New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization (NDRIO). In this context, starting June 21st, 2021, Mark Leggott, current RDC Executive Director, will assume the new role of Director, International Relations with NDRIO.

CANARIE has been supporting the work RDC since 2015, guided by RDC’s vision that all Canadians, as well as the international community, have access to national and international collections of publicly funded research data, helping to drive Canada’s knowledge/innovation economy.

“The contributions of the RDC stakeholder community through Mark’s leadership and collaborative approach over the past six years have significantly advanced Canada’s data management framework. We look forward to the ongoing work with our colleagues at NDRIO to support the evolution of research data management in Canada.” – Jim Ghadbane, President and CEO, CANARIE.



Read the full announcement here