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Research Data Canada (RDC) is a stakeholder-driven and supported organization dedicated to improving the management of research data in Canada. RDC was established following a recommendation in the 2011 Canadian Research Data Summit Report, “Mapping the Data Landscape”, RDC plays an essential role in realizing the vision developed at the Summit.


Canadian governments and publicly funded researchers produce huge amounts of data that hold enormous potential for additional discovery and innovation. These data have virtually unlimited potential to be re-used in innovative ways – by researchers, industry, policy makers, and civil society – if they are properly managed in an infrastructure that provides long-term preservation and access.


No single institution can address the challenges of managing this data alone. RDC brings together key stakeholders to develop strategy, facilitate communication and partnerships, promote education and training, measure progress, and bring attention to gaps. Research Data Canada also acts as single point of contact for Canada with international initiatives, ensuring engagement with appropriate stakeholders.

RDC is governed by a Steering Committee, and activities are undertaken through several subject-based Committees . Research Data Canada invites and actively solicits participation on its committees by all those interested in improving the way that Canada manages research data in support of research and innovation.

The Vision

Canada is a country in which open data, citizen science, evidence-based policy-making, and broad public engagement with research data and science flourish. Research data are considered a public good and there is broad recognition of the value of this data beyond the research community. All sectors of society including industry, practitioners, and the public are actively exploiting research data for commercial, health, policy, and creative purposes. To this end, research data in Canada are systematically managed, preserved, and re-used to advance innovation and Canada’s leadership in the global digital economy.

RDC Fact Sheet

Image source: http://www.lib.sfu.ca/help/publish/research-data-management