NDSF 2021 Cohort Breakout Documents

The final sessions on Day 3 will make use of a community upvoting tool, Feature Upvote, will be explained during the Summit.

Feedback/Upvoting Page: https://ndsf2021.featureupvote.com/

Each of the following documents are intended to be used by Cohort members. Notes will be taken only on the English document; French versions are provided for reference.

Cohort A | Cohorte A

Cohort B | Cohorte B

Cohort C | Cohorte C

Cohort D | Cohorte D

Cohort E | Cohorte E

Cohort F | Cohorte F

Cohort G | Cohorte G

Cohort H | Cohorte H

Cohort I | Cohorte I

Cohort J | Cohorte J

Please note: Simultaneous interpretation will be available during plenaries.

Discussion Materials

There are a number of resources that Summit participants can review prior to the Summit to facilitate discussions.

  • The most recent version of the Kanata Declaration from which the Breakout Context statements are drawn) [EN | FR]
  • NDRIO RDM Position Paper [EN | FR]