In order to strengthen the culture of data stewardship in Canada, RDC offers webinars on subjects related to research data management, curation, and preservation. Register for one of our upcoming webinars, or browse through our archives.

If you’d like to suggest a topic for an upcoming webinar, please contact RDC’s Executive Director, Mark Leggott: mark.leggott@rdc-drc.ca

Please note: the webinars will be conducted in English.

Archived Webinars

Upcoming Webinars

ResearchLink: Canada’s Research Data Management Ecosystem

Presented by Mark Leggott, RDC

An overview of ResearchLink, a guide to Canadian services and resources supporting research data management.

National and International Discovery Systems for Research Outputs

Presented by TBD

An overview of international approaches to the discovery of research outputs at national and international scales, with a focus on the SHARE service.

Research Data Management Guidelines and Policies

Presented by Jessica Mankowski, Canadian Institutes of Health Research and Mark Leggott, Research Data Canada

A presentation and discussion of research data management principles, and specifically the recent example from the Tri-Agencies and RDC.

IRIDIUM: an International Glossary of Research Data Management

Presented by TBD

An introduction to the IRIDIUM research data management glossary, and the approach to building a truly international resource.

Training and Outreach Approaches to Research Data Management

Presented by TBD

There are an increasing number of resources to facilitate training for effective research data management; this session will highlight the University of Alberta’s innovative efforts.

Publishing Negative Results: A Necessary Addition to the Dissemination of Research Results

Presented by TBD

Academic journals are most interested in publishing research with positive results, but there is a missed opportunity to highlight negative research results, which is key to a healthy scholarly communication ecosystem. This session will provide an overview.

Research Data Canada Outputs

Presented by TBD

An update on the outputs from Research Data Canada’s Committees and Working Groups, including the efforts to define a National Data Service.

The Evolution of Data Management Plans

Presented by TBD

An overview of Data Management Planning Tools and new developments to make them updatable and actionable.

Replication and Reproducibility of Research Results

Presented by TBD

An overview of approaches to reproducing and replicating research results and approaches to ensuring a more effective research ecosystem.

The Portage/Compute Canada FRDR Project

Presented by TBD

An overview of the CARL Portage Network and Compute Canada collaboration to build a Federated Research Data Repository.