Thank you for your interest in research data management terminology. With so many varied stakeholders involved in research, it is essential that a resource exist that bridges the gap in understanding between disciplines, domains, etc. On this page you will find access to two resources facilitated by the RDC Standards and Interoperability Committee.

Original RDC Glossary

This is the original Glossary created by Research Data Canada, which has since been replaced by the new Glossary maintained in partnership with other stakeholders. Given the presentation of this Glossary on a single landing page, there are issues with maintenance, citation and findability. We have maintained the original Glossary for archival purposes.

The field of research is forever growing and evolving, and therefore, a new resource was created in a collaboration between RDC and CASRAI and other key stakeholders.

CASRAI Dictionary for Research Data Management

This section of the CASRAI Dictionary provides the user with different filtering options, depending on the user’s intentions or purposes, and is meant to be a comprehensive list of research data management terminology that is updated regularly. Each term has its own landing page, and increases usability on several levels. An upcoming version of the Dictionary will incorporate additional terms and multi-language equivalents via a new partnership with a number of national agencies.

We encourage you to use the CASRAI Dictionary as it is the only one that is up-to-date and flexible and flexible as a resource.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mark Leggott ( or David Baker (