Communications, Outreach and Education Committee (COEC)

Terms of Reference


Roles and Responsibilities

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The RDC Communications, Outreach and Education Committee (COEC) will be engaged in activities that highlight and promote Research Data Canada and the services and resources of stakeholders, and that facilitate the development of educational services in support of research data management, including intersections with international efforts. Based on direction from the Executive Director and the Steering Committee, the COE Committee will establish Working Groups that will carry out activities and generate appropriate outputs. These will be approved by the Committee and forwarded to the Steering Committee for distribution through the appropriate channels.

The Committee’s work will embody the core values of openness, transparency, sharing, and collaboration, ultimately leading to a high degree of access, interoperability, and preservation for Canadian research data. An important approach for all RDC Committees and Working Groups is to encourage participation of individuals with knowledge in the area, as well as to provide a forum for capacity building of Canada’s research data management community.

Working Groups

  1. Review of RDC Website and Recommendations Working Group: Will review the RDC website with the goal of ensuring appropriate content is available, and the system is usable.
  2. RDC Blog and Webinar Stories of Canadian RDM Working Group: Will work with the RDC Executive Director and Intern on identifying topics for Blog posts and Webinars and providing feedback where appropriate.
  3. RDC RDM Ecosystem Map: ResearchLink Working Group: Will work on the development of ResearchLink database prototype, which is intended to show the value of a semantic and integrated approach to building a rich scholarly metadata repository.
  4. Survey: RDM Educational and Outreach Activities Working Group: Will intersect with RDM education/communications efforts nationally and internationally and create a curated list of resources well-suited to the Canadian RDM interests, as well as consider how to “Canadianize” these resources.


The Committee will have members that represent various areas of expertise relevant to the work of the Committee.

Name Role Organization
Kathryn Anthonisen Vice President, External Relations CANARIE Inc.
Rebecca Ross A representative from Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN) Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN)
Shannon Cobb A representative from the Tri-Agencies Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Isabelle Laplante A representative from the Canadian university/college research community Centre de Documentation Collégiale
Jeffrey Taylor A representative from the Canadian university/college research community Nova Scotia Community College
TBD A representative from the Canadian university/college communications community TBD
Jane Fry A representative from the Canadian university/college library community Carleton University
TBD A representative from the Provincial research funder community TBD
Marianne Mader A representative from the Canadian non-profit Communications/Education community Canadian Association of Science Centres
Cathy Bogaart A representative from the non-profit/NGO research community ORION
Ernie Boyko Member at large Canadian National Committee for CODATA
Jeff Moon Member at large CARL Portage Network
Tessa Derksen Member at large Compute Canada
Karen Payne Member at large World Data System, International Technology Office
Mark Leggott RDC Executive Director RDC

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