Infrastructure Committee

Terms of Reference

Roles and Responsibilities

The RDC Infrastructure Committee (IC) will be engagedsubcommitee in activities that communicate and recommend best practices with respect to the digital infrastructure that supports research data management in Canada, at local, regional and national levels, including intersections with international efforts. Based on direction from the Executive Director and the Steering Committee, the IC will establish Working Groups that will carry out activities and generate appropriate outputs. These will be approved by the Committee and forwarded to the Steering Committee for distribution through the appropriate channels.

The Committee’s work will embody the core values of openness, transparency, sharing, and collaboration, ultimately leading to a high degree of access, interoperability, and preservation for Canadian research data. An important approach for all RDC Committees and Working Groups is to encourage participation of individuals with knowledge in the area, as well as to provide a forum for capacity building of Canada’s research data management community.

IC Working Groups

  1. National Research Data Centres/Services Review Working Group (with RDA NDS IG): Will review current approaches to National Data Centres/Services and create a summary of services, resources and other details, intersecting with the efforts of the RDA National Data Services Interest Group and other similar efforts.
  2. Best Practices: National Research Data Centres/Services Working Group (with RDA NDS IG): Will review outputs of WG 2.a and work with the RDC Executive Director to develop a Best Practices document describing these details and making recommendations for Canada.
  3.  Requirements for a Canadian National RDM Framework Working Group: Will work to identify the best approach to a National RDM Framework, and recommend appropriate ways to create a successful foundation for future RDM practices nationally.
  4. Survey: Canadian Institutions and their RDM Infrastructure/Services/Storage Capacities Working Group: Will survey the Canadian RDM community to create a high-level profile of RDM infrastructure/services capacity and practices across all stakeholder groups.


The Committee will be composed of representatives of the various science area having data management infrastructure in Canada.

The table below indicates the current membership

Name RDC Role Organization
Mark Wolff CANARIE Chief Technology Officer CANARIE Inc.
TBD Member of Compute Canada Compute Canada
TBD Member from CUCCIO TBD
TBD Member from the Canada Foundation for Innovation TBD
Jeff Moon Director of the CARL Portage Network CARL Portage Network
Jane Burpee Member from the Canadian university/college library community Centennial College
Matt Garsia Member from the Tri-Agencies Canadian Institutes of Health Research
TBD Member of the Department responsible for Open Science in the GOC TBD
Chantal Ripp Member of DataCite Canada University of Ottawa
Chris Carragher Member from a Canadian commercial cloud provider discoverygarden
Erin Tripp Member from an international research data management organization DuraSpace
TBD Member from CUCCIO TBD
Johanne Provençal Member at Large Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN)
Philippe Després Member at Large Université Laval
Sanghamitra Dutt Member at Large McGill University
Dugan O’Neil Member at Large Simon Fraser University
Mark Leggott RDC Executive Director RDC

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