Standards & Interoperability Committee

Terms of Reference

Roles and Responsibilities

The RDC Standards and Interoperability Committee (SINC) will be engaged in activities that communicate and recommend best practices with respect to standards and interoperability of research data in Canada, and intersections with international efforts. Based on direction from the Executive Director and the Steering Committee, the SINC will establish Working Groups that will carry out activities and generate appropriate outputs. These will be approved by the Committee and forwarded to the Steering Committee for distribution through the appropriate channels.

The Committee’s work will embody the core values of openness, transparency, sharing, and collaboration, ultimately leading to a high degree of access, interoperability, and preservation for Canadian research data. An important approach for all RDC Committees and Working Groups is to encourage participation of individuals with knowledge in the area, as well as to provide a forum for capacity building of Canada’s research data management community.


SINC Working Groups

  1. International Research Data Glossary (IRiDiuM) Working Group: Will work with CASRAI and international agencies on the development of the next version of the RDC-derived RDM Glossary, and intersect with the RDC community on maintaining the definitions.
  2. Best Practices: IDs Working Group: Will promote and update the RDC Best Practices document, “Unique Identifiers: Current Landscape and Future Trends” and track progress of the recommendations.
  3. Guidelines for the Deposit of Research Data in Canada Working Group: Will update and promote the RDC Best Practices document, “Guidelines for the Deposit and Preservation of Research Data in Canada” and determine an approach for tracking the progress of the practices.
  4. Best Practices: Scholar Metadata Working Group: Will review current best practices for representing scholars and their outputs in a national-level repository and make recommendations on approaches in Canada.


The Committee will have representation from a wide cross section of data creators, data users and data managers, including academic government and private.

Name RDC Role Organization
Tobias Spears Co-Chair, and a representative from federal research agencies or departments Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Jeremy Geelen A representative from Tri-Agencies CIHR
Grant Gibson A representative from Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN) CRDCN
Reyna Jenkyns A representative from an international standards agency Ocean Networks Canada
Mairi Best A representative from a Canadian science organization Laurentian University
Susan Brown A representative from the Canadian university research community University of Guelph
Jorge Gonzalez-Outeirino A representative from the Canadian university research community Wilfred Laurier University
Donald Moses Co-Chair, and a representative from the Canadian academic/college library community University of Prince Edward Island
Shari Baraniuk A representative from Canadian Universities Council of Chief Information Officers University of Saskatchewan
Chantal Ripp Member of DataCite Canada University of Ottawa
Amber Leahey Member at large University of Toronto
Zheng Liu Member at large University of British Columbia
Jason Hlady Member at large Compute Canada
Laura Gerlitz Member at large Bank of Canada
Pascal Heus Member at large Integrated Data Management Services
Mark Leggott RDC Executive Director RDC

Members represent various areas of expertise relevant to the work of the Committee. Terms are renewable, current term: September 1, 2016 – August 31, 2018