Research Data Canada Steering Committee

Terms of Reference


The Steering Committee represents the multiple stakeholders with an interest in and a responsibility for some aspect of RDM in Canada. Through the Executive Director, Committees and Working Groups, as well as directly through its own efforts, the SC facilitates:

  • effective governance and operations of RDC on behalf of the stakeholder community;
  • effective and regular communication to stakeholders, at the institutional and individual level;
  • promotion and support of RDC and its activities, and the sharing of plans and strategies for implementing RDM best practices;
  • a forum for the exchange of information, knowledge and experience of RDM;
  • effective leadership and participation of RDC in RDM activities internationally;
  • advice and strategic support to stakeholders.


The RDC SC has the duties, responsibilities and authorities as set out below.

  1. Advise CANARIE on the appointment and annual review of the Executive Director.
  2. Provide advice and direction to the RDC Executive Director on:
    1. best practices, programs, and other activities;
    2. the development of annual work plans for the Executive Director and Committees;
    3. communications strategies that strengthen understanding of the value of Canadian research data holdings and RDM in agencies such as the federal government, granting agencies, provincial governments and other research agencies, as well as with researchers, other stakeholders, and the public generally;
    4. the development and implementation of RDC programs and funding opportunities.
  3. Ensure an inclusive approach to the involvement of the full stakeholder community in RDC activities, and support and promote stakeholder involvement in the work of RDC.
  4. Ensure the timely reporting of developments that have a significant and material impact on RDC.
  5. Identify collaborative opportunities among the stakeholders and with international bodies.

Members at Large

Name RDC Role Organization
Robbin Tourangeau Representative of Compute Canada Compute Canada
Bo Wandschneider A representative from Canadian University Council of Chief Information Officers (CUCCIO) CUCCIO
Ghilaine Roquet A representative from the New Digital Research Infrastructure Organization (NDRIO) NDRIO
Jeff Moon The Director of the CARL Portage Network CARL Portage Network
Donna Bourne-Tyson A library director from a research-intensive Canadian university or college Dalhousie University
Matthew Lucas A senior representative from each of the Tri-Agencies SSHRC
Kevin Fitzgibbons A senior representative from each of the Tri-Agencies NSERC
Tammy Clifford A senior representative from each of the Tri-Agencies CIHR
Lucie Loignon A senior representative of Open Science leadership in the Government of Canada Environment and Climate Change Canada
Paul Wagner A senior representative of the National Research Council National Research Council
David Castle RDC Chair University of Victoria, and RDC
Vincent Lariviére Senior data intensive researchers Université de Montréal
Tracey Lauriault Senior data intensive researchers Carleton University
Leslie McIntosh-Borrelli A senior representative of an international research data management organization Research Data Alliance (US)
Colette Lacroix A representative of the Service community IBM Canada
Martin Taylor A representative from a national RDM infrastructure platform Canadian Research Data Centre Network (CRDCN)
Renata Osika A representative of the Provincial research funder community The National Alliance of Provincial Health Research Organizations
Sinead Tuite A senior representative of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada

Members represent various areas of expertise relevant to the work of the Committee. Terms are renewable.

Ex-Officio Members

Name RDC Role Organization
Mark Leggott  RDC Executive Director RDC
Pam Bjornson Past Chair of the RDC Steering Committee National Research Council
Tobias Spears
Donald Moses
RDC SINC Committee Co-Chairs Fisheries and Oceans Canada
University of Prince Edward Island
Mark Leggott RDC COE Committee Chair RDC
Mark Leggott RDC Policy Committee Chair RDC
Mark Leggott RDC Infrastructure Committee Chair RDC