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blog arrowPosted on: Aug 4, 2016

[Ottawa, Ontario | August 4, 2016]

Champions the ongoing development of Canada’s research data management ecosystem

Research Data Canada (RDC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. David Castle as Steering Committee Chair for a 2-year term, effective June 1, 2016. Dr. Castle is the second Chair of RDC’s Steering Committee, replacing Pam Bjornson (National Research Council), who has been Chair since RDC’s inception in 2011.

Dr. Castle is Vice-President, Research and a Professor in the School of Public Administration with an adjunct appointment in the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria. His research focuses on social aspects of life science innovation including science policy, democratic engagement, regulation and governance, and intellectual property and knowledge management. He has published extensively on the social dimensions of science, technology and innovation, has held several major research awards, and has considerable experience leading strategic research initiatives and research project management. Dr. Castle has consulted widely to government and industry on issues such as the impact of national technology transfer policies and programs, intellectual property and knowledge management strategies, and the role of non-scientific considerations in the regulation of science and technology.

“I am looking forward to working with RDC and the diverse group of stakeholders that are engaged in the development of a sustainable research data management ecosystem in Canada,” commented Dr. Castle. Dr. Castle will chair the RDC Steering Committee, whose members represent stakeholder organizations from across Canada and around the world. The Steering Committee provides direction to the RDC Executive Director, Mark Leggott, and four standing Committees: Policy; Standards and Interoperability; Infrastructure; and Communications, Outreach and Education.

The activities of the RDC are undertaken by a number of Working Groups, comprised of representatives from Canadian and international research data management communities. These activities align and strengthen the research data management ecosystem in Canada, with a goal of enabling broad access to research data and expanded opportunities for knowledge creation and innovation.


Mark Leggott
Executive Director
Research Data Canada
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About Research Data Canada

Research Data Canada (RDC) is a stakeholder-driven and supported organization dedicated to improving the management of research data in Canada. No single institution can address the challenges of managing this data alone. RDC’s role is to bring together key stakeholders to develop strategy, facilitate communication and partnerships, promote education and training, measure progress, and bring attention to gaps. RDC also acts as single point of contact for Canada with international initiatives, ensuring engagement with appropriate stakeholders. RDCs stakeholder community includes universities and colleges, federal science and funding agencies, provincial open data agencies, NGO research organizations, private research companies, and international RDM agencies.

Research Data Canada is supported by CANARIE, an organization dedicated to advancing Canada’s knowledge and innovation infrastructure.

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