Research Data Canada Endorses TRUST Principles for Trustworthy Digital Data Repositories

blog arrowPosted on: Jul 6, 2020

A year-long collaborative community effort from the Research Data Alliance (RDA) resulted in the development of a set of guiding principles to demonstrate digital repository trustworthiness, centred around the following core values:

  • Transparency
  • Responsibility
  • User focus
  • Sustainability
  • Technology

Recently published in Nature Research’s Scientific Data, these Principles provide a framework to facilitate discussion and implementation of best practices in digital preservation. As the authors note in the article, trustworthy data repositories “must demonstrate essential and enduring capabilities necessary to enable access and reuse of data over time for the communities they serve,” and the TRUST Principles provide clear guidance for repository stakeholders on how these qualities may be developed, maintained, and demonstrated.

Mark Leggott, Executive Director of RDC, said: “From the beginning of its mandate, RDC has worked with the Canadian data management community to facilitate a more sustainable repository ecosystem, and the TRUST Principles are a critical next step in this evolving effort. A robust national repository ecosystem which is interoperable with international systems is the best way to meet the data stewardship needs of all researchers.”

RDC recently engaged with authors of the TRUST principles and other stakeholders to organize a mini symposium that will introduce the Principles along with an overview of key concepts and implementations from a variety of stakeholder perspectives. The TRUST Principles Mini Symposium takes place July 7 at 10:00 a.m. ET.

The full publication of the TRUST Principles can be found here, with further details and endorsements on the RDA website.